Poverty and Hunger in Central Dry Zone of Myanmar:My Thoughts and Comments

စာပဒေသာ ( ၄၄ )

Poverty and Hunger in Central Dry Zone of Myanmar:

My Thoughts and my words in the past for future development of dry zone in Myanmar .( 14 April 2014 )

5 Questions
by U Aye Myint

Reference: Hunger in Myanmar’s Dry Zone , by IRIN-Asia ,10 April 2014

Dear Mathew and IWMI members
Members of EG /NWRC
Friends and colleagues

This is one of the many cases in central dry zone of Myanmar that I found from Facebook posted by my respectable Dr Thant Myint U recently.

I shared this article for your expert considerations for solutions to this area in.our country .

My Question and Comment 1.

I am wondering what may be the follow up action plan to your IMMI’s ( International Water Management Institute ) research on water resources status and utilization in rural areas of central dry zone of Myanmar that IWMI and some Myanmar local professional teams including us NEPS conducted together the research on water resources utilization and status in these areas in 2013.

My Question and Comment 2.

My mother department ,ID ,had constructed ,through the ages ,a lot of storage dams and reservoirs for irrigation water supply in these areas especially for the sole purpose of boosting agricultural production of paddy and summer crops .

Then what may be the result of spending a huge amount of investments in constructing dams ,canals and related structures to store water and to distribute irrigation water supply to crops in these water scared dry zone of Myanmar.

One thing is certain that we almost always lacked in our mother department, like in other different ministries ,departments and institutions in Myanmar, for the survey and assessment of performances of our completed projects and works together with follow up monitoring process to take action if any malfunction and operation had been identified .

My Question and Comment 3.

Our current president had frequently delivered speeches on poverty eradication in rural areas in his monthly speech messages to the public at large .

I am wondering that whoever followed his regular guide line speeches in a practical and applicable approaches to solve the poverty issues especially in rural areas and also in urban cities .
Who monitor the implementation of his guideline speeches ?

One of the plus side of our new and emerging government concerning to water sector development was that a higher level national water resources committee ( NWRC) had already been set up for the first time in Myanmar in the history of water resources utilization in Myanmar together with advisory group called Expert Group ( EG ) selected from some chosen few professionals who had many years of knowledges and experiences in different kinds of water related fields ,to support the central committee of NWRC that comprised of relevant ministries concerning different use of water resources of Myanmar .

My Question and Comment 4.

I am also wondering that what may be the action plan by NWRC for these central dry zone areas for the poverty eradication of rural people whose water scarcity may be one of the causes to their food security ,livelihood ,agricultural practices and some social issues .

My Question and Comment 5.

My final question may be whoever is responsible to these problems ,challenges and issues in dry zone of Myanmar to find proper solution and to follow up action by practical and applicable approaches to eradicate the poverty in central dry zone of Myanmar as well as through out the country facing such issues .

We may need a concerted efforts in cooperation and coordination between different line ministries,civil societies , NGOs,private sectors , relevant professionals concerned and of course inclusive of affected families and local populace living in these dry zone areas of Myanmar.

One thing is certain that real political will by the different levels ( local,regional and national ) of policy makers and decision makers to take action to solve these problems is an essential requirement for the future real development of our country.

Best Regard

( Advisory group member of Myanmar National Water Resources Committee of Myanmar )

Aye Myint

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14April 2014. ,Myanmar’s New Year Water Festival

( Any other follow up to my remarks and comments were not found later during 8 years later .in Myanmar . If anything followup seen ,I have solutions to the challenges and problems of water security in the dry zone of Myanmar )

ရည် ညွှန်း ။

My Facebook post :12 April 2016

ရေရှားတဲ့ အညာဒေသ

မြေအောက်ရေကို ထိန်းထားနိုင်မဲ့ နည်းနဲ့
နွေရာသီရေရှားပါးချိန်မှာ လက်ရှိရေအနက်ထက် ရေပိုရနိုင်မဲ့ နည်းလမ်းတွေ ရှိရင်ကောင်းမှာ ဘဲလို့အင်ဂျင်နီယာ ပီပီ အတွေး နယ်ချဲ့မိပါတယ် ။ကျွန်တော် လေ့ လာနေမိတယ် ။

အထူးသဖြင့် အညာ အပူပိုင်းဒသ စစ်ကိုင်း မန္တလေးးမကွေး စတဲ့ သဲချောင်းတွေနဲ့ လက်ယက်တွင်းနေရာတွေကို မကွေူတိုင်းဆည်မြောင်းကတစ်ဆင့် နေရာတွေ သိထား ရထားတာရှိလို့လေ့လာ နေဆဲပါ။

ရေသန့်ဘူးတွေ သွားလှ ူနေကြတာ
တွေ့ရလို့ ဝမ်းသာ ပီတိ ဖြစ်ရပါတယ် ။

အရှည်သဖြင့် ရေရနိုင်မဲ့ နည်း တွေ ရရင် ပို မကောင်းဘူးလားလို့ လဲတွေးနေမိပါတယ် ။