History and Me


” U Lun ,Our Grand Father of Myanmar “

In my young student days from 1955 to 1966 , in last 50+ years of my life history, while we are studying history in our schools ,especially modern day history of our times , we envied and very much fascinated to our Bogyoke Aung San as our political father and Sayargyi Thakhin Ko Taw Hmaing as our political grand father of our country Myanmar

We are taught by our teachers of those days in Nyaungdone about these famous people of our modern day history of our country.

Later I myself learnt and studied their works for us Myanmar from many biographical books and articles written by themselves and by famous writers of our time like ,Lu Du Daw Amar, Sayar Zaw Gyi, U Thein Pe Myint ,Dr Maung Maung ,and many others .

Since I envied both great leaders of our country, I myself drew some pencil paintings and drawings of these two famous people of our Bo Gyoke Aung San and Sayargyi Thakhin Ko Taw Hmaing in my student days in the past.

In last years ,I showed my 40+ years old drawings of my artworks in a 111th years anniversary celebration of our native Cartoonist U Ba Gyan in my town ,Nyaungdone .

The drawing shown here is one of my art works of Sayargyi Thakhin Kotaw Hmaing that I drew in my student days in my past 40 + years ago.
Really it was a one stroke drawing by me using ink pen only just taking just an instant time that I myself cannot do it by now .

Now the 139th Birth day anniversary of our country’s Grand Father, Sayargyi Thakhin Kotaw Hmaing, is celebrating now ,starting today in Yangon .

Through out our history of Myanmar since colonial era up till now , we are lucky enough that we have many intelligent great people of all life and for all sectors and many professionals who are working just for the sole purpose of proper development of our country and our people .

In my view, what we need today for the sole purpose of development of our country might be to gather together these intellectual and professional people by working together for the country alone .

How about today Myanmar ?
Who knows who is who ?
How about our young generation students and their way of thinking today?
We saw many challenging problems facing between students and authorities now ?
What may be the proper solution ?
how to solve ?
Who knows ?

These are my difficult questions to find answers and solution for me .

Brainstormed by

Aye Myint ( Nyaungdone )

21 March 2015